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Before Tomorrow’s Smile Today was even a thought, Dr. John Pfail went on a mission trip to Guatemala with a non-for-profit called Global Penicillin Girl Project in 2012. After bringing a few dental residents, Dr. Pfail needed help forming a bigger dental group and invited Dr. Joseph Pantaleo to assist him. In 2013, the first mission trip together to Guatemala proved a major success. As the world caught on to our mission and fundraising efforts, a small dental company suggest we start a dental non-for-profit organization in order for more companies to donate specifically for dentists. So in 2014, Tomorrow’s Smile Today was created and with a collaborated efforts with Global Penicillin Girl Project and together formed a 28 person mission trip to Guatemala and continued in 2015. Unfortunately, due to the Zika Virus, a mission in 2016 will have to be postponed as we would not want to put anyone in harms way while doing charity work.

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