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Ken-Ya Smile Project

What was once a challenge is now taking a life of its own. Started in 2016, Dr. Pantaleo went to Lare, Kenya to see what the possibilities were to bring doctors to this area and start helping out a community that was in dire need of medical attention. After exploring most of the region, Dr. Pantaleo felt he could make some kind of impact on the community and their medical needs. Three years later, Dr. Pantaleo and his team were able to renovate, build and rejuvenate the medical treatment and education in Lare, Kenya. With a new medical and dental facility the quality of care has improved drastically and the treating nurses have been able to properly diagnose, treat and cure many illnesses that arise. We are looking forward to going back year after year and to continue to improve the quality of life in Lare, Kenya.

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In August-September 2017, Dr. Pantaleo returned to Kenya and continue his work at the St. Francis Secondary School. Check out the pictures below from his most recent mission there: