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Dr. Joseph B. Pantaleo ’03

Dr. Joseph Pantaleo has been on the Alumni Board for St. Francis Prep since 2014. Since then he has been the chairperson for the HealthCare Alumni Chapter. As chairperson he helps organize an outing once a year for all grads in the medical field to get together in New York City. This year, Bro. Leonard challenged Dr. Pantaleo to expand his outreaches to SFP’s sister Secondary School in Lare, Kenya. At first hesitant on the distant that needed to be traveled, Dr. Pantaleo took the challenge. From February to June, he developed a plan with a mission. From June 18- July 9th, Dr. Pantaleo traveled with SFP educators and a colleage Dr. Meredith Gantos to Kenya.

Dr. Pantaleo developed a long term solution to the community of Lare, Kenya with the administrators at St. Francis Lare – Secondary School. Their goal: to provide a facility to the people of Lare which includes a Dental Facility, Medical Examination Room, and a Dispensary. Cost is estimated around $55,000 to build the building and around $25,000 to equipt it. Starting in 2017, Dr. Pantaleo will formalize the goals and plans for Kenya and begin campaigning for this. He has made it his life goal to make this successful.

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In August-September 2017, Dr. Pantaleo returned to Kenya and continue his work at the Sr. Francis Secondary School. Check out the pictures below from his most recent mission there: